Kristin Bull: Journalists Must Be Multi-Talented

Proving that the world of journalism can be spur-of-the-moment and busy, Kristin Bull had to reschedule her first visit to my convergence journalism class. She finally made it this Thursday and provided excellent insight into the busy world of news.

Bull is a web editor at Crain’s Detroit Business and has 20 years of experience in the journalism world. She is a former editor at the Rochester Patch and former writer at the Detroit Free Press. One of the most important things that Bull spoke about was the importance of today’s journalists being versatile.

Journalists must have skills in:
• writing
• photos
• video
• social media

Having these skills will give journalists the upper hand when looking for a job. According to Bull, there may come a day when a single journalist will have the responsibility of producing the entirety of a story, including the writing, editing and designing.


About heatherrochon

I am a recent grad of creative writing and journalism. Right now, I'm working on book reviews and getting through life. Books, cats, and a nice cup of tea can get me through any day.
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