Welcome to Night Vale Podcast: Turn on your radio and hide

The town of Night Vale is seemingly calm. It appears to be just like every other desert town. But, then the radio turns on and over the waves comes a calm, soothing voice.

And then you know, that something is not normal.

 “Wednesday has been cancelled,” the voice says, “due to a scheduling error.”

Welcome to Night Vale is podcast in the style of a radio show that gives news updates, announcements and advertisements to the citizens of Night Vale. The fictional town is not unfamiliar to the creepy, the supernatural or the downright scary. Occurrences have included mysterious hooded figures, a cloud that rained animals and a dog park that no one is allowed to visit.

I have become part of the twice-a-month Night Vale audience. In July 2013, it became the most downloaded podcast on iTunes, and I can see why. The podcast is entertaining and humorous, highlighting the subject of fictional, paranormal horror. It consists of voice over narration, eerie background music and sound effects.

Night Vale was created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, is voiced by Cecil Baldwin and is published by Commonplace Books. Each episode has a musical “weather report” that features independently-published musicians. Night Vale is a free podcast on iTunes.

If you like The Twilight Zone, mysteries and weird things, Night Vale is the perfect podcast to invest your time in.

Follow Night Vale on Twitter or check out their YouTube channel. Listen to the first episode below:


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I am a recent grad of creative writing and journalism. Right now, I'm working on book reviews and getting through life. Books, cats, and a nice cup of tea can get me through any day.
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