Movie Review: “If I Stay”

if i stay

Movie poster courtesy of IMDB

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”

Mia Hill has a very important decision to make. After a traumatic car accident takes her family, Mia’s own life hangs in the balance. Now, she has to make the choice of staying in a world without her family or leaving her bright future behind.

Gayle Forman’s novel If I Stay, transfers flawlessly from page to screen. The movie adaptation stays true to the original work and captures the raw, emotional roller coaster that is love and loss. The movie navigates between Mia’s past and her struggle to hang onto what is important to her. Audiences will be captivated by the love story between Mia and Adam as well as the heart-warming Hill family dynamic. If I Stay explores the true meaning of family and the sacrifices one makes for the ones that they love.

The film’s core revolved around the love of music that the characters share. In turn, the music in the movie was superb.The cast was excellent. Chloe Grace Moretz (Mia) and Jamie Blackley (Adam) had wonderful chemistry.

Uplifiting. Emotional. Thought provoking.

Highly recommended for both fans of the novel and those who have not read it.

5/5 stars. 

I went to an advanced screening of If I Stay on 08/14/14 courtesy of GoFobo.

Check out the movie trailer below:


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