Review: “Batman: Earth One, Volume 2” from DC Comics

23012543Batman: Earth One is Gotham City like you’ve never seen it before. The stakes are high and the crime rate is even higher.

In Volume 2, the story skates between the terror of the Riddler, the mystery of the Killer Croc, and the power of the Dent twins. The Dark Knight must uncover the secrets that Gotham is hiding and Bruce Wayne must learn who is trustworthy.

Earth One is an interesting re-imagining the DC’s Dark Knight. Though the story doesn’t stray too far away from the already established Bat-world, but it does include new takes on classic characters. The characterization in Earth One is bland, but still intriguing. The story in Volume 2 is fast-paced and captivating but lacks the twists, turns, and substance that the Batman comics usually overflows with.

Earth One will satisfy fans of the Bat-verse and will leave them with the spark of interest to keep reading.

3/5 Stars.

I received a free ebook Galley from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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I am a recent grad of creative writing and journalism. Right now, I'm working on book reviews and getting through life. Books, cats, and a nice cup of tea can get me through any day.
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