In August 2014, I was approached my one of my professors and advisers at Oakland. She wanted to pass my name along to one of her former students who was currently running a monthly online magazine named Lewmag.

After learning about the fantastic magazine, I jumped at the chance to become a part of the Lewmag team. I am currently writing a column, named “Between the Pages,” which explores the young adult fiction genre within books.

april photoApril 2015: Heroine Strong
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about characters and what makes them so important and interesting in the stories we consume. Characters are a crucial part of the adventure. We get to know them, we sympathize with them, we love to hate them, and we follow them to the ends of the earth. When I think of my favorite characters, two jump out at me right away: Ella of Frell, from my favorite book of all time Ella Enchanted, and Hermione Granger, from my favorite series of all time Harry Potter. These two fantastic female characters epitomize what it means to be a strong and valuable character… Read More.

March 2015: Reading Monthmarch (2)
March is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s because March is reading month. I remember all throughout my elementary and high school years, my school would always set up reading challenges—prizes for people who read the most books or gift cards for anyone who was “caught reading” in the hallways between classes… Read More. 

february photoFebruary 2015: Fantastic Fandoms
Potterheads. Tributes. Half-bloods. Initiates. Ringers. Recognizable or not, these identifiers all have something in common. Fandoms—intense fan bases of an extremely popular part of pop culture. In this case, it’s Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Divergent, and The Lord of the Rings, and they all have one more thing in common. Books… Read More.

January 2015: New Year, New Readsjanuary photo
A fresh start is upon us: There are resolutions to be made and new beginnings to explore. If you are looking for a fresh resolution, I have a great one to try: read more! Taking time to read every day not only stimulates the brain, but it can alleviate stress, improve memory, and expand focus and concentration. Reading is the key to transporting yourself around the world to find new, exciting adventures… Read More.


december photoDecember 2014: Young Adult, the College Years
In the book world, the college age is seen as an in-between state. It’s assumed that since college kids are not teenagers anymore, they can’t read Young Adult, where the characters are typically high school aged. Yet, college kids don’t want to read about a forty-something protagonist with three kids and a steady job from the Adult genre… Read More.

November 2014: Holy Comics Batman!november photo 1
For a few years now I have had a growing obsession with comics. When it started, I was enamored by the colorful pages and vivid graphics. Not much has changed since then. I love the juxtaposition of panels and how a story can be told with both words and pictures working together on a page… Read More.


october photoOctober 2014: The perplexing love triangle
A few days ago I was wandering around Barnes and Noble, checking out the new reads, and I landed in the young adult section. The bold titles and bright colored covers caught my eye and I knew I had to at least pick them up even if my empty wallet begged me not to. As I read the summaries on the book jackets, I found myself stumbling across an ever growing, very popular scenario—the love triangle… Read More.


September 2014: The Young Adult genre sept book photo
needs a makeover

For as long as I can remember, I have loved books. Reading was always my go-to activity. It was my own one way ticket to any adventure and it started with just the flick of a page. The older I became the more and more books I consumed and the more and more adventures I went on. I have gone to Hogwarts and Narnia, Panem and Frell. I have solved mountains of mysteries and have fallen in love a thousand and one times. Who I have become to this day is partially thanks to the stacks of books I stayed up to read under the covers at night… Read More.


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