OU News Bureau

In the fall of 2013, I was a part of the OU News Bureau at Oakland. News Bureau is an online publication sustained by a class of students writing about news and events in Oakland,  Macomb and Wayne counties.

Check out my stories below:

Michigan Central Station: Crumbling Detroit landmark a century old
During the peak of railroad travel, more than 200 trains left the station every day. Now closed, the station has had many proposals for renovation and re-opening, but they all have fallen through. One idea was to turn it into a train-themed casino called “The Midnight Express.”  Michigan Central Station now is owned by Manuel Moroun, who also owns the Ambassador Bridge… Read More.

Christmas Lights: Auburn Hills light show brightens holidays
Cars are lined up and down the street. At the end is a house, lit up with bright, blinking holiday lights. Viewers of the holiday spectacular turn their radios to a custom channel and Christmas music spills through the speakers, the lights dancing in time. Since 2009, Brent Waldrep and his family have run the holiday spectacular called Our Dancing Lights… Read More.

Woodlawn Cemetery: the final resting place for Detroit’s famous (slideshow)
Amid passing cars and city life, the peaceful Woodlawn Cemetery lies along Detroit’s Woodward Avenue. The cemetery is 140 acres of towering trees, green grass hills and magnificent mausoleums. The cemetery is among the most prestigious in the country, according to Woodlawn’s website. Since it first opened in 1895, Woodlawn has attracted Detroit’s elite… Read More.

Fanfiction: With fanfiction, favorite tales twist and turn
Authors beware: Your fans have taken over. Wildly popular books are being taken one step further than the original work in a concept called fanfiction.“I love fanfiction because it’s interesting,” said Kasey Lazarz, a reader and writer of fanfiction. “It takes an angle from a familiar character or story, and it twists it to make us take a different look at what characters can do… Read More.

Community Theater: Avon Players adapt Christmas classic to radio play
Tucked away on Washington Road in Rochester Hills stands an old, A-frame building full of the sounds of song, laughter and applause. It is home to the Avon Players, a theater group with a love for spreading entertainment… Read More.

Graffiti: In Detroit, not all art is in museums (slideshow)
Colorful words are scrawled and sprayed onto the crumbling brick of abandoned buildings. Behind the layers of paint there lies an artistic expression. Welcome to Detroit, a place booming with cultural artistry. Graffiti is more than spray paint defacing buildings, walls and street signs. Throughout Detroit, artists are using graffiti to brighten the dull spaces of the city… Read More.

Pinterest: Businesses find a new way to engage customers
Millions of people spend hours on Pinterest every day searching for recipes, craft ideas and clothes, thus giving businesses another way to reach online customers. Pinterest collects images and pins them on virtual boards. It is a photo-only way of bookmarking websites and images. The zoo uses its Pinterest account to showcase animals, habitats, attractions and events… Read More.

The Shamrock Pub: Sit back and relax
Looking for a place to have great food and a good time? OU News Bureau reporters have visited some distinctive eateries in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties to learn more about what these places have to offer. Reporter Heather Rochon visited The Shamrock Pub in Utica and spoke with the owner, Joe Mayernik… Read More.



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